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Detailed Services

Ultra Commercial Interiors and Ultra Veteran Services are confident in our team to provide a variety of services which include:

Pre-Construction Management:

The beginning of a project begins long before the project breaks ground with document review, drawing review, quotations, and research. In the instance a job has LEED construction requirements, we are well educated in that aspect of building as well.

Construction Management:

This phase of development involves multiple aspects such as: Submittal Management, RFI’s, and Change Orders.

Request for Information (RFI’S): 

We maintain a complete RFI log and all documentation.

Change Orders:

Using detailed templates, we document all information for each Change Order in addition to how it will affect the job schedule and costs for said job.

Quality Control:

Through our own rigorous inspections, we guarantee the quality of our job performance to be superlative to our competition during all phases of construction.

Project Close Out:

During this final stage of development, we are to provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all materials on the job and also enclose any warranty information.


EIFS or an Exterior Insulated Finish Systems are installed by our specialists to provide a weather-resistant finished surface on the exteriors of buildings.

Design Build:

Ultra Commercial has a successful track record of being a valuable team player in the design-build segment of the construction industry. We focus on listening to the owner/contractor’s vision and communicating these expectations throughout the design and construction process. We provide feedback on costs and constructability throughout design, encouraging dialogue. Our goal is to offer the project team more flexibility, creating significant opportunities for innovation and creative problem solving. 

We provide our customers a source of comprehensive, highly efficient and cost effective, partition, acoustical and cold-formed steel framing solutions for the design build segment of the construction market by effectively integrating code compliance, structural design, material supply and aesthetic options. Through our experience we are able to provide the performance and reliability needed to ensure projects will be completed on time and within budget.

Rigid Insulation

One of Ultra's main construction facets is furnishing and installing rigid foam insulation for warehouses to bring buildings up to energy code for your area, reduce heating and cooling costs, and providing a smooth professional finish. Take a moment to look through our gallery for examples of our finished products.


Safety is our number one goal at Ultra Commercial Interiors and Ultra Veteran Services ensuring that safety and health efforts are so successful that accidents and injuries are eliminated. One of our main objectives is to establish a set of policies and requirements that management and employees can use as guidelines in their efforts to make certain a safe and healthy working environment. Also, it is important to our companies that we are in compliance with federal, state and local safety and health regulations and those of our clients’. Each employee must complete our safety training course and learn how to employ these laws, objectives and goals for each jobsite. 

Site Management: 

We provide full-time site Superintendents/Field Supervisors to manage and coordinate the efforts of our subcontractors and vendors, maintain quality control and assure strict obedience to our contract commitments.

Doors, Frames, and Hardware

Our team of dedicated employees have installed thousands of hollow metal door frames in almost every job we've been on, guaranteeing a level install per your office needs. 

Submittal Management:

Submittal management takes place as soon as we are awarded a Job. We comply with the Architects’ requirements as set forth in the specifications for data submission to ensure accuracy. Submittals are then distributed for approval. The Project Manager and the Field Superintendent keep copies of the approved submittal to guarantee punctuality, quality control, measurements and general job guidelines.


Listed below are some of Ultras larger scale building projects.

  • Michelin Distribution Center

  • FedEx Speedway

  • DHL Atlanta

  • Jackson Healthcare

  • Honeywell

  • Amazon

  • Savannah College of Art & Design

  • Geodis

  • Racetrack

  • Sandy Springs City Center

  • Emory Hospital

  • ADP

  • Coca-Cola USA


  • PTS Solutions

  • UPS

  • FBI Headquarters - Multi-Purpose

  • Medline

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